From your needs to your keys

A turnkey project gives you the peace of mind you need to achieve a new construction or renovation and to guarantee the best return of your investment, that’s why Elite Project offers you the services you require to execute your project since the initial sketches until final delivery, no matter if you reorganize your kitchen or build a new house.

You don’t have to worry anymore to manage architects, decorators or contractors, to apply for construction permits or for buying materials and tools, in contrast, you can delegate this tasks to our professional team who has the experience and skills needed to coordinate all these actors delivering a high quality job.

Do you want to expand your house or to add a second floor to your commercial building?

We offer you professional services in architecture to have a functional, corresponding and esthetic project.

Dou you want to refresh your office decor?

We are ready to offer you a personalized attention and help you with your small and big projects, if it is about a complete reorganization, the renovation of certain areas, the replacement of finishes or only a fast “makeover”, we shall guide you so that your project becomes a reality.